Shear Speed


Shear Speed is an american football cleat for wide receivers. Great wide receivers rely on their speed and ability to create separation in their routes. Traction plays an important part in helping a wide receiver play with confidence and execute their jobs out on the field.  

Positional Focus

Bryce Treggs was instrumental in helping understand the role of the wide receiver on the football field. Shown below are just a few skills he is known for. 

Breaking down the WR

As I began to analyze the position, I uncovered that each play can be represented by the 3 R's: Release, Route, and R.A.C. Each of these require the player to be quick, agile, and fast. Cleats help the receiver by providing traction in difficult cuts and change of direction. 


Hyenas served as the primary source of inspiration for my cleat design. Their teeth are great for tearing flesh, making them fierce predators and even better scavengers. Using this, I chose to innovate in the stud formation of the cleat, introducing an entirely new shape. 



Features & Benefits

Final Prototypes

I sewed the upper and 3D printed the cleat plate for this project. Using Rhino as the modeling software for this project, I was able to create a complex design featuring the new stud shape. The upper of the cleat uses asymmetrical lacing, webbing for lock down, and an internal sock like bootie for fit.