Since as early as I could remember I played football. A 6 year old kid, helmet way too big, knee pads covering my shins, wearing number 70 just like my dad, my dream was to play professional football.  

I played football among other sports until high school. Pressure to focus on one sport committed my time to football as a year round engagement. As junior season came to a close, I was fortunate to receive a full ride scholarship offer to Stanford University, my dad’s alma mater. I verbally committed to Stanford within days of the offer. I graduated from Loyola High School in June 2012, and two weeks after graduation I began my career as a Cardinal.

Like any freshmen, I arrived to the farm with an idealized plan. I was certain that I would leave Stanford with a respectable degree and play professionally. To some extent, I have accomplished both. I majored in Engineering with a focus in Product Design, and had the opportunity to play great football. The Stanford teams I was a part of won 3 PAC-12 Championships and 2 Rose Bowls. My 4 years at Stanford culminated in the chance to train for the NFL. I went undrafted, and following a try out for the San Francisco 49ers, I decided to leave my football career in the past, because everything ain’t for everybody.


I think of myself as a creative. Not just an engineer, not just a designer, but a fusion of the two. During my time at Stanford I developed skills as a maker. I learned my way around the machining lab, becoming proficient in using the mill, machining lathe, sand casting, welding, vacuum forming, and a variety of other manufacturing processes. My curriculum taught me the importance of using need finding, empathy, and story telling to be a successful designer. A burning passion for sport led me to the University of Oregon where I am studying my Master’s of Science in Sports Product Design. 

What drives me is the possibility of creating a sports product to help an athlete achieve his or her dream. My role as a designer is that of a facilitator. I hope that all of my work expresses an emphasis for helping or assisting others in making their aspirations tangible. 

My portfolio varies  from projects focused in soft goods and sewing, to welding and sand casting. I like using my hands to make things, and I am a fast learner. The gallery below shows a few things that inspire me and make up who I am.